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Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 2 (1)
Torahiko: Alright! Kept everyone waiting!
Kyosuke: Where did you go again~!
Shiki: I got surprised because you were suddenly gone.
Torahiko: Nishishi, sorry, sorry.
Producer: Now everyone is gathered! Well then, let's start practise at once!
Torahiko: Will you teach us, Producer?
Producer: Yes, I plan to.
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 2 (2)
Raku: Will it be alright?
Hikaru: You don't need to do the impossible, you know?
Producer: What's with everyone? Exercising is my strong point, you know?
Akio: Is that so?
Kyosuke: It doesn't appear that way...
Producer: Well, just look. Shiki-kun would you assume the position of the catcher?
Shiki: I'm delighted to get designated by you, Producer!
Producer: Directly face me with the catcher's glove from there...
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 2 (3)
Akio: ... Somehow you're really cool today, Producer.
Hikaru: Yes, she has a straight-forward, strong and beautiful gaze in her eyes.
Raku: She got into motion. Looks like she's throwing?
Torahiko: Let's see what she's got.
Shiki: Hiiih...!!
Torahiko: ... Eh?
Producer: Wahwaah, I'm sorry! I believed I aimed for the glove! Are you alright? Are you not hurt!?
Shiki: Ye-yes... I didn't get hit, I'm alright... Ah, ahahaha.
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 2 (4)
Akio: That- that ball... it sunk into the fence.
Raku: Kukuku... it certainly did.
Hikaru: Haha, I didn't think that Producer had such hidden power! As expected of you, Producer!
Kyosuke: That... was something like from a manga heroine. The throw is amazing, but she has poor control...
Producer: The next will be successful. Shiki-kun, are you ready for one more ball?
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 2 (5)
Shiki: Yeah.
Akio: If she does that well, Shiki-kun will get hurt...
Raku: I can't see a beginner easily catching that ball...
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 2 (6)
Torahiko: Amazing...!
Producer: Torahiko-kun?
Torahiko: That just now was amazing, Producer! I could feel the wind from your ball throw!
Torahiko: Because I understand your strength perfectly now, let us begin practising quickly, Producer!!
Producer: If even Torahiko-kun says this, then... let's start practising!
Torahiko: Yes!
Shiki: I'm- I'm saved...!
Producer: Yes, your pitching form has improved, try to throw it once, Torahiko-kun.
Torahiko: Yes!
Producer: Well, then get into proper defense, everyone. ... Ah, Shiki-kun, please be the catcher.
Shiki: I'm the catcher again...?
Producer: After all you are the best at catching the ball, Shiki-kun. Ah, if that's the case, could you go into the batter's box, Kyosuke-kun?
Producer: Try to hit it if you can.
Kyosuke: Yes! Tora-chan's ball... what kind of ball will it be? ...I'm really curious...!
Producer: Well then, Torahiko-kun, try to throw the first ball.
Torahiko: Yes!
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 2 (7)
Torahiko: Let's go Shiki, Kyosuke!
Shiki & Kyosuke: Come on!!
Kyosuke: It's- It's fast...!
Producer: Wah... amazing, isn't that amazing, Torahiko-kun!
Torahiko: That was amazing?
Producer: Yes, yes! When everyone else tried throwing the ball, no one even reached Shiki-kun, you know?
Producer: And such a beautiful form... If you continue practising, you might become an amazing pitcher!
Torahiko: Is that so... I'm really amazing!
Producer: Let's do our best together from now on, Torahiko-kun!
Torahiko: Nishishi! That's right! For your sake, I can do my best, Producer!
Shiki: My, my, he posesses a really sweet spot after all.
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 2 (8)
Kyosuke: Well, that's just Tora-chan for you!
Shiki: Alright! Now that Tora-chan's unexpected talent is known, do your best at aiming to overthrow the professionals!
Raku: This got a little exciting.
Hikaru: It seems like a fun thing. ♪
Akio: Everyone got a little motivated, but... I wonder how long that will last.
Raku: Who knows... I don't think it will last for very long...
Hikaru: You must not say such things, Raku! Surely we will be alright!
Akio: Fuhihi... I wonder.
Several days later
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 2 (9)
Shiki: You're still here, Tora-chan? Practise starts soon, so change clothes--
Torahiko: Shiki, I'm quitting baseball.
Shiki: Hah!? Why!?
Torahiko: I'm tired of it!

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