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Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 3 (1)
*swoosh swoosh*
Torahiko: ...
Shiki: Tora-chan? Let's try practising baseball and not say that you're quitting?
Kyosuke: That's right. Producer-san is waiting for you to come.
*swoosh swish*
Torahiko: ......
Shiki: ... He's completely into that.
Kyosuke: Into that...
Shiki: We just needed a little more...!
Kyosuke: We have no other choice, let's try talking with Producer-san over it...!
Shiki: That's right... I don't think only the two of us can do anything about Tora-chan in that state...
Kyosuke: It- It'll be alright, Shikitty! Producer-san will surely have an idea what to do about Tora-chan!
Kyosuke: Probably!!!!!
Shiki: ... Kyo-chan, it's useless to yell at this guy.
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 3 (2)
Shiki: So it has already begun...
Kyosuke: It has already begun...
Producer: Eh? Eeh?? You haven't told me anything yet...? What on earth has already begun?
Shiki: Uhm... The phase of a specific artist, or something like that.
Kyosuke: Because Tora-chan is always giving his best.
Kyosuke: He's always devoting his time to draw the necessary minimum of pictures a day...
Shiki: And that reaction has kicked in.
Producer: ... I'm sorry, could you explain it a little more so I can understand?
Shiki: In other words? Tora-chan now has developed a "I need to draw pictures phase".
Kyosuke: I think that phase will continue for just as long as he's been kept from drawing until now.
Producer: This is... The performance is in three days, and yet why is he now...
Shiki: Ah, it'll be hard to stop Tora-chan, but we don't want to waste that effort we've been putting in together as well.
Kyosuke: Especially now that we're getting better at it, it'd be sad to end it here!
Producer: ... I wonder if there exists something that can return Torahiko-kun's motivation.
Shiki: I wonder...
Kyosuke: Something that makes Tora-chan more engrossed than drawing...
Shiki & Kyosuke: ((Is there such a thing...?))
Shiki: (But I have this... No.)
Kyosuke: (I have something... No, we have...!)
Shiki: ... Kyo-chan.
Kyosuke: Yes, Shikitty!
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 3 (3)
Shiki & Kyosuke: This is something all of ArS needs to do!
Producer: Shiki-kun, Kyosuke-kun...!
Shiki: Rest assured, Producer.
Kyosuke: We will surely bring Tora-chan's motivation back!
Producer: And leaving it to all of you? I'll help too--
Shiki: No, leave it to us. Because being in charge of Tora-chan is our responsibility.
Kyosuke: That's right, Producer-san! Please believe in the power of the bond of ArS!
Producer: ... I understand. If you say it like this, please do so.
Shiki: So you speak about helping us, but... if we bring back Tora-chan without problems, how about a date--
Kyosuke: Kyaa! Shikitty!! If you declare such evil intentions here, you will ruin it~!!
Producer:  ? Anyway, I leave it in the care of the both of you!
Producer: I will think about different things too, because I am like that.
Kyosuke: Yes!
Shiki: ... No other choice. Because this serious Shiki-kun will try his best!
On the next day
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 3 (4)
Shiki: --So we initiated a great strategic operation to motivate Tora-chan, so...
Kyosuke: Has everyone brought something that could motivate Tora-chan?
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 3 (5)
Hikaru: Leave it to us!
Akio: More or less... I brought something I thought would help.
Raku: I wonder if it will be this easy.
Shiki: What's with that kind of weak-hearted thinking, Raku-kun! You can't win over Tora-chan with that!
Raku: This has nothing to do with winning or losing, does it?
Kyosuke: It does have something to do with it! This is no longer just a game, this is a fierce and hot-blooded grand battle!!
Akio: ... Kyosuke, what are you talking about?
Hikaru: Hahaha! Kyosuke has plenty of fighting spirit! He wants to play baseball with Tora that much.
Kyosuke: After all, it's very regrettable, isn't it? We practised this hard and yet...
Raku: Is that so? seems unusual that Torahiko completely forgets to devote himself to drawing.
Shiki: If one devotes so much passion to it, but ends it without showing his results... it's impossible to be an artist, don't you think?
Hikaru: The passion one puts in only gets a form when its existence is recognized by others.
Akio: ... Surely, it'll become regrettable to not give such hard work a form.
Shiki: Let's definitly make it a success! Not only this operation, but the opening ceremony as well!
Kyosuke & Akio & Hikaru & Raku: Yes!
Kyosuke: We'll definitely recover Tora-chan's motivation!!
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 3 (6)
Torahiko: ... Alright, I'm getting a good feeling from that! Next is--
Kyosuke: Tora-chaaan!!
Torahiko: ... Hm?
*rumble rumble!*
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 3 (7)
Let's play baseball!!!

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