Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 4 (1)
Let's play baseball!!!
Torahiko: Uwooh!? What's wrong, why is everyone gathered here!
Kyosuke: Nothing is wrong, Tora-chan!
Akio: Base- baseball...!
Hikaru: That's right, Tora, let's resume practise before long!
Raku: Producer is annoying about it. And--
Shiki: And there's only two days to go until the performance!
Torahiko: Two days to go...
Kyosuke: Hey, Tora-chan! Let's play baseball together with us!
Torahiko: Don't wanna.
Shiki: Don't say no!
Torahiko: No matter what you say, no means no! Rather than baseball, I want to draw pictures.
Kyosuke: Please don't act like a child!
Torahiko: I don't want to! I'm not playing baseball anymore!
Akio: He's stubborn... Fuhihi, that means that guy only loses more motivation the more we talk to him...
Shiki: You could say that, but that way we can't call out to Tora-chan to bring his motivation back!
Shiki: Alright everyone, let's proceed with the discussed strategy.
Kyosuke: First is Hikarun!
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 4 (2)
Hikaru: Aah! Leave it to this Hikaru Orihara!!
Torahiko: No matter what anyone says to me, because I will definitely not play baseball!
Hikaru: Fufufu, you won't be able to bluff like that for long!
Akio: Hikaru, what on earth do you plan on doing...?
Raku: I wonder? You can be certain it'll be something way above our imagination, can't you?
Kyosuke: Way above our imagination... my expectations are high!!
Shiki: ...On the contrary, I'm getting a little worried.
Hikaru: Tora! In order to motivate you, I thought about an "I want to play baseball dance"!
Torahiko: I want to play baseball... dance?
Hikaru: You will get motivated by my magnificent dance...!
Hikaru: *swirl swirl swirl ♪* *swirl swirl swirl ♪*
Akio: Sing- singing while dancing...!
Raku: Th- this nostalgic intro is...!
Kyosuke This is a famous baseball cheering song...! I can not help but get fired up...!
Hikaru: Chachachala chalalala!
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 4 (3)
Hikaru: Want to play baseball?
Shiki: You didn't sing the fundamental part of the song!!
Torahiko: I don't want to.
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 4 (4)
Kyosuke: Aaah, on top of that he got such a dry reply!
Hikaru: Guh, why...! There is a person who does not want to play baseball after this song and dance...!
Raku: Don't sigh like that, Hikaru. It's only because Torahiko has become very stubborn now.
Akio: Hihi, he's invulnerable.
Shiki: ...Yes, I had a feeling it would turn out like this. But we won't give up! Akio, you're next!
Akio: Eh, me already? ...The burden is heavy, but... I'll do my best.
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 4 (5)
Akio: Hey, Tora.
Torahiko: What is it, Akio.
Akio: I honestly hate exercising too, so let's do our best together.
Kyosuke: Well done, Akki! A character like Tora-chan is weak to bluntness like that!
Akio: Look, here. ...I made this glass bead charm. I'll give it to you.
Torahiko: Yes, thank you, Akio.
Raku: Oh, he accepted the glass bead. Can you have hope in this?
Hikaru: He didn't react in that way to my dance... amazing, Akio!
Torahiko: But I won't play baseball.
Akio: ...Why? Everyone's trying really hard to get you to play baseball, and yet...
Torahiko: Why? Because I'm a free idol!
Akio: Free...
Torahiko: On the other hand, why do you want me to play baseball this much, Akio? After all, you don't seem very enthusiastic about it either, do you?
Torahiko: You don't have to force yourself to do it, if you don't like it.
Akio: Tora...!
Shiki This- this is bad! Akio got turned over to Tora-chan's side...!
Shiki: Ne- next! Kyo-chan!
Kyosuke: Yes!
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 4 (6)
Kyosuke: Tora-chan, please look at this!
Torahiko:  ? What's this?
Kyosuke: Fufu, please don't get surprised when you hear it, okay? Last night, I wrote this masterpiece without sparing any time to sleep...!
Kyosuke: An uplifting, youthful baseball manga starring Tora-chan as the protagonist!!
Akio: Kyosuke... did you perhaps stay up all night to finish writing it...?
Kyosuke: Fufu, staying up one, two or three nights for Tora-chan's sake is nothing...!
Raku: We had the strategy meeting only yesterday, so why are you talking about two or three nights?
Hikaru: Don't you know, Raku. Kyosuke probably has hardly slept even before that because of a deadline.
Shiki: Kyo-chan... even after the severe baseball training you managed to pull an all-nighter...!
Kyosuke: The manga deadline is tomorrow, but I don't care about that...! Because ArS is a serious affair!!
Akio: ...Is it really alright to not care about it?
*rustle rustle*
Torahiko: I read through it, Kyosuke. It was really interesting.
Kyosuke: Tora-chan...!
Torahiko: But I won't play baseball.
Kyosuke: Eeh!? This still wasn't good enough!?
Torahiko: Instead, reading your manga made the feeling of wanting to draw pictures even bigger!
Kyosuke: I can't believe it had the opposite effect!! Uuuh, me of all people did...!
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 4 (7)
Shiki: Don't- don't mind it, Kyo-chan! It's alright, just leave it to the rest...! Tora-chan, next it my turn!
Torahiko: Hey, we're still continuing this?
Shiki: Don't say that! Because to bring out Tora-chan's motivation, we're doing out best!!
Shiki: I swear, Tora-chan, listening to my idea will definitely make you want to play baseball.
Torahiko: I don't understand what you're getting at, but you sound extremely confident. So, what are you doing for me, Shiki?
Shiki: Fufu... look at this!
Torahiko: ...?
Akio: ...A pot?
Hikaru: That certainly is a pot.
Raku: Kuku, so he played that card... But will it go as expected, I wonder?
Kyosuke: Shikitty, what are you going to do with that pot...?
Shiki: Tora-chan!
Torahiko: What?
Shiki: You can scribble on my pot as much as you like, so let's play baseball with everyone!
Torahiko: I won't play baseball, but can I still use your pot, Shiki?
Shiki: Eh? What do you mean with that-- hey, aaah!?
Torahiko: I don't often draw on pottery, but it's really fun!
Shiki: That can't be, you just scribbled on my pot without permission...! My pottery is really expensive, you know!?
Akio: ...But it looks really beautiful.
Kyosuke: It really does... it gives Shikitty's usual works a completely different charm.
Hikaru: A new beauty is born when two talents combine!
Raku: The pot's price may be higher than the original price now.
Shiki: Aah... what is this... he painted such a delicate picture in such a short time...
Torahiko: Delicate? Is that so? I just put on the colors I wanted on the pot, you know?
Torahiko: If my drawings look delicate, maybe it's that way because the pot Shiki made is delicate!
Shiki: Hey, someone save me from Tora-chan saying all these amazingly happy things...!
Torahiko: At any rate, the drawing fits well...! Nishishi! A collaboration between me and Shiki!
Shiki: ...Tora-chan, next time I will bring proper ceramics painting material, so let's officially collaborate then.
Torahiko: Yep! This sounds interesting!
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 4 (8)
Raku: He got won over perfectly.
Hikaru: We are equally weak to praise of our works.
Akio: Shiki-kun totally forgot about baseball...
Kyosuke This is the last bastion! Rakkun, please!!
Raku: Sigh, I have no choice. I will take out my ultimate weapon too.
Hikaru: Ultimate weapon?? What on earth are you planning, Raku.
Raku: Fuh, it is-- this-

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