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Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 5 (1)
Kyosuke: Ra- Rakkun!? That- that is--!
Raku: Hey, Torahiko.
Torahiko: Oh, the last one is Raku! What is it?
Raku: Are you really planning to not play baseball anymore?
Torahiko: Yup, I do.
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 5 (2)
Raku: Even if I say I'll lend you my brush and my ink if you become motivated?
Torahiko: Raku's brush and ink...!?
Hikaru: Ooh, this is the best one so far.
Kyosuke: Is this it...!
Raku: You wanted to draw ink paintings, right? Is it alright if I prepare some good Japanese paper?
Torahiko: Even preparing Japanese paper...! Seriously...!
Shiki: This- this reaction is looking really good, isn't it?
Akio: There might be potential here...
Raku: (I feel like pushing it a little more.)
Raku: What do you say? For a calligrapher the brush is the most important thing. Maybe I won't lend you my brush ever again, you know?
Torahiko: Hmmmmmmmmm...
Raku: (How worrying. ...Well, if that's no good, then this is not something we're able to manage.)
Raku: (Come on, what will you do, Torahiko.)
Torahiko: ...Never mind.
Kyosuke: Eh!! What are you doing, Tora-chan! Are you fine with letting this chance escape?!
Shiki: That's right, Tora-chan! Refusing Raku-kun so bluntly like that is really depressing, isn't it!
Torahiko: After all, I'm in the mood to draw a really big picture now. Ink painting is for another time.
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 5 (3)
Raku: Oh my, I got dumped.
Akio: ...Seems like he doesn't want to play baseball this much.
Hikaru: Even all of us together can't take it... It seems like not drawing pictures was very stressful.
Kyosuke: Looks like we have no other choice but to give up now...
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 5 (4)
Shiki: I don't want to give up, but... what should I even do now...
Producer: Everyone, you must not give up!
ArS: Producer!
Producer: Torahiko-kun, let's play baseball?
Torahiko: Don't wanna.
Producer: Why not?
Torahiko: Because.
Producer: Was baseball not fun?
Torahiko: ...No, it was fun, but...
Torahiko: I'm in the mood to draw a terrific picture now, that's why I can't.
Producer: ...
Torahiko: ......
Producer: ...Sigh, it's no use.
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 5 (5)
Torahiko: So you finally feel like giving up! Everyone was really persistent... Well then, I'll continue drawing--
Producer: You can paint freely on the walls of the baseball stadium if you go to the opening ceremony. But even if I say that, my intentions do not change.
Torahiko: What!?
Producer: Imagine it. Painting on the walls of a stadium that is able to hold tens of thousands of people. Doesn't that sound fun?
Torahiko: Ghnnnnn...!
Producer: How does that sound?
Torahiko: Ghnnnnnnnnnng...!!
Producer: Or will you refuse that very special offer?
Torahiko: ............I'll do it.
Producer: Alright, then that's decided!
Shiki: Nice one, Producer...
Kyosuke: You perfectly won that Tora-chan over...
Akio: Amazing...
Hikaru: Hahaha! Despite us not being able to do anything.
Raku: I never expected she'd motivate Torahiko by using his desire to draw pictures.
Producer: Pfff!
Torahiko: Damn! I got tricked...! But if that means I can draw pictures, I'll accept my fate!
Torahiko: That way I'll throw an amazing ball!
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 5 (6)
Stadium Announcer: To perform Japan's baseball opening ceremony, the I-Chu known as ArS are assembled here! Please welcome them with a grand applause.
Stadium Announcer: I heard they received a rigorous training in order to perform today, ArS is--
Stadium Announcer: Composed of six people all excelling in individual arts. Standing on the field is Kusakabe-san, who is--
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 5 (7)
Orihiro: Amazing, Tora, being introduced by the announcer like that!
Orihiro: That's good... Like Tora, someday I want to play baseball in such a huge stadium too...!
Producer: You want to become an idol like Torahiko-kun, meaning you want to be the one who performs the opening ceremony?
Orihiro: I want to do everything Tora does! After all, he's really cool.
Producer: ...Yes, that's right. He's cool.
Orihiro: Yeah!
Producer: Good work, Torahiko-kun. That was an amazing throw. It was so fast, the audience got stirred up in an instant.
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 5 (8)
Torahiko: Hehe! My throw really was amazing, wasn't it!
Producer: Yes!
Torahiko: ...Thank you, Producer.
Producer:  ? For what?
Torahiko: At that time I thought I only wanted to draw pictures, but... I think after all I really wanted to do the opening ceremony.
Torahiko: You understood the feelings even I did not know of, you know? That's why I'm thanking you.
Torahiko: You're the only one on this huge planet that can handle me well!
Producer: Because it's my responsibility to make your work fun.
Producer: Well, then as promised! You're free to do whatever you want with the walls of the stadium.
Torahiko: Nice!
Torahiko: ...But--
Producer: What's wrong?
Torahiko: Having this huge canvas all by myself is a waste.
Producer: So you're going to...
Torahiko: Hey, everyone! Today's opening ceremony was a success achieved by all members of ArS! That's why let's--
Torahiko: Fill this canvas with all six of us!
Kyosuke: Of course I agree with that!!
Akio: I have never drawn a lot before... Sounds interesting.
Hikaru: Fuh, to be able to admire the handwriting of this Hikaru Orihara, the audience that comes to these baseball matches is truly blessed!
Raku: Seems like there is going to be some fun had once in a while.
Torahiko: Alright! First, let's begin from the center! Let's go, everyone!
Kyosuke & Akio & Hikaru & Raku: Yeah!
Producer: After all, somehow Torahiko-kun seems really leader-like.
Shiki: Yes. ...He can be a real bother, but in the end he's a good leader.
Producer: Ahaha. Shiki-kun, you went through a lot of trouble up to today. Thank you for that. And good work.
Shiki: It's fine. But after it calmed down a little more, even this onii-san here can concentrate on idols and ceramics with relief--
Torahiko: AAAH!
Akio: Hiih!? What- what's wrong, Tora, you suddenly got really loud.
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event Story 5 (9)
Torahiko: The amazon...
Hikaru: Amazon?
Torahiko: The amazon is calling me...!!
Raku: ...A different phase has "begun" now.
Torahiko: I'm going on a journey for a while!
Kyosuke: KYAAAAA!! SHIKITTYYYY!! Tora-chan is about to go on a journeeeeyyyyy!!!
Torahiko: Don't stop me, Kyosuke! Amazon, I'm coming for you!!!
Shiki: Aah, geez. So this is our leader!! Everyone, capture Tora-chan!!!
Producer: Ahaha, that's Torahiko-kun for you.
Kyosuke: Ehehe. But since it's Tora-chan, in the end he will always return before long.
Kyosuke: Because he is our leader! I can't imagine an ArS without our leader.
Producer: Certainly. I can't imagine it at all without Torahiko-kun.
Shiki: Hey!? Kyo-chan, Producer, stop chatting and stop Tora-chan~!!
Kyosuke: Hawawa!? An SOS from Shikitty! We have to stop him!?
Producer: Roger!
Torahiko: I'm going to the amazon!!!

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