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Wild pitch ceremony 1 (1)
Kyosuke: Haah… It’s already been a week since that mess of an opening ceremony…
Shiki: What’s wrong, Kyo-chan? You let out quite a big sigh there.
Akio: Your deadline… Did you make it in time?
Kyosuke: I made it in time! Even though I really thought it was going to be impossible and made my editor cry…
Raku: To make another person cry… Kyosuke is a pretty sinful guy.
Hikaru: Fufu, to think Kyosuke has that sort of charm to him.
Kyosuke: Stop! Please stop! I didn’t mean it like…!
Wild pitch ceremony 1 (2)
Shiki: More importantly, now that you’ve met your deadline, wouldn’t going to your room to sleep be better than staying here? Your eyebags are terrible.
Kyosuke: Yeah… It’s true that I’m sleepy but… At the moment, I wanted to see everyone’s working form…
Akio: It’s been a while since we could work on our art in peace like this…
Shiki: That’s the fault of a certain someone who went full blast on his freedom again.
Kyosuke: …Tora-chan, you’ve been really quiet today. What’s wrong?
Torahiko: Hm? Did you say something?
Akio: It seems like he was just absorbed in painting…
Kyosuke: …?
Producer: Hey, are you all here?
Wild pitch ceremony 1 (3)
Raku: What’s the matter, Producer?
Producer: The truth is… I have some happy news to tell everyone.
Producer: Can you believe it? It’s been decided that you’ll do a live at the baseball stadium from before!
ArS: Wow!
Wild pitch ceremony 1 (4)
Torahiko: …….
Producer: They were pleased with the opening ceremony so they wanted us to let them host another event there!
Hikaru: So the time has finally come for me to demonstrate even more of my charm to the masses of the stadium…!
Kyosuke: Hya! I’m getting n-n-n-nervous…!
Shiki: But isn’t this a pretty joyous thing? Let’s all celebrate!
ArS: Aye!
Producer: I’m glad everyone is happy…huh?
Producer: Torahiko-kun?
Torahiko: ……


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