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Wild pitch ceremony 3 (1)
Torahiko: ……
Producer: How are you? It’s already the day of the live, but have you come up with an answer?
Torahiko: Producer… Thinking doesn’t suit me after all.
Torahiko: No matter what, I end up thinking about what I’d do if I restrained my behaviour. Even though I treasure ArS just as much as painting.
Producer: …It’s fine.
Torahiko: …What?
Producer: There’s no need to find an answer immediately. It’s fine for you to worry about it until you come to a conclusion.
Torahiko: …Are you okay with that?
Producer: Yes. I’m fine with it. But when you do come up with your answer, I’d like you to tell everyone, not just me.
Torahiko: …Won’t they hate that sort of talk?
Producer: They won’t hate it. Because it’s surely more difficult for them if they don’t get an explanation.
Producer: That’s why you don’t need to worry about being an artist or an idol.
Producer: How does the person, “Torahiko Kusakabe” want to exist as? Who does he want to present himself as? It’s enough if you could ponder that.
Producer: Since we will support you.
Producer: …“We” being the people that were incredibly captivated by your charisma, you know?
Wild pitch ceremony 3 (2)
Torahiko: …To make the great me blush like this, as expected of Teach.
Producer: Is that so?
Torahiko: …Thanks. Those words just now made me super happy.
Producer: …Me too. Hearing that Torahiko-kun was thinking about various things made me happy.
Producer: You’ve taken another step towards being an adult.
Torahiko: …Does that mean I’ve taken a step closer to you?
Producer: Hm… I wonder.
Torahiko: That’s where you’re supposed to nod and say, “Yes”, Producer.
Producer: But I’m not as much of an adult as you think I am, you know?
Torahiko: Then is the distance between us about this much?
Producer: Uwah…...?!
Wild pitch ceremony 3 (3)
Torahiko: Hm? Am I closer than you expected?
Producer: Geez! Don’t get ahead of yourself! It’s almost time so get ready for the live already!
Torahiko: Nishishi, your face is completely red, [Name].
Torahiko: …But could you let me stay like this for a little longer? It may be unexpected coming from me, but I feel like I’ve completely lost to you.
Producer: Torahiko-kun…
Torahiko: …It really is easy being by your side.
Producer: …Only for a bit then.
[hugs tighter]
Torahiko: (It’s warm…)
Wild pitch ceremony 3 (4)
Torahiko: Sorry to keep you all waiting! Did you see the great me’s opening ceremony from before?
Torahiko: It was filled with nothing but firsts, and a lot happened to us, but it became a really great experience!
Torahiko: So to me, today is another opening ceremony!
Torahiko: It’s a turning point for the great me to be reborn!
Wild pitch ceremony 3 (5)
Torahiko: And with that, I’ll become an even freer idol than before!
Torahiko: Ahaha, Shiki seems to be making a pretty amazing face but don’t worry about it! Because being free is just a part of the great me, don’t you agree?
Torahiko: I’ll freely get you all more excited than anywhere else, so follow my lead!


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