Producer: And so, because of this TV Program's project you will have to do a part-time job
Working Pro NEET 1 (1)
Futami: Heeeh~ I see~
Producer: ....Hey, what's with that lazy reaction. Are you listening to me?
Futami: I'm listening I'm listening. Yawn~ I'm so sleepy...
Producer: (He's definitely not listening at all...)
Prodcuer: ....Akabane-kun, are you prepared for this part-time job? You'll have to work you know?
Futami: Yes yes a part-time job. I understoo--
Working Pro NEET 1 (2)
Futami: A part time job?! No no NO! I can't do it!
Producer: Even if you say so, it has already been decided...
Futami: No no no, it's because I wasn't listening properly understand right?
Futami: I'm a pure NEET character so I can't do a part-time job at all!
Producer: You may disagree so strongly, but you can't do anything about it. It has already been decided
Working Pro NEET 1 (3)
Futami: Eeeeh....
Producer: It's your fault for not listening properly!
Futami: Nooo~
Producer: That's how it turned out, so now think of what job you want to do. I put some occupations in a list for you to choose
Futami: Is there the NEET job?
Producer: Of course not
Working Pro NEET 1 (4)
Futami: Are you for real...So at long last I'll work....
Producer: .....Being an I-Chu is an actual job too you know?
Futami: That's something different. Being an I-Chu is like an extended game....
Producer: What do you mean with "game"....?
Futami: No, sorry, I worded that wrong. Ehm....Look, we can call it an extension of our high school life? A never-ending summer vacation? Something like that?
Producer: .....Choose the job seriously, ok?
Futami: O-Okaaay....I'll seriously give it my best so don't get angry like that, Producer....
Producer: (*sigh*....Does he even have the motivation to do it....)
Producer: Anyways, to think Akabane-kun would do a part-time job....
Producer: (I wonder what job will he choose...I can't even imagine it)

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