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Producer: Are you ready?
Working Pro NEET 2 (1)
Futami: Will you let me return home if I said no~?
Producer: I won't let you return home, you know?
Futami: Figured so....Go~d, my pride as a Pro NEET....
Producer: What's up with this Pro NEET. And anyways you were the one that chose the job from the list, right?
Futami: Yes yes. After a lot of thinking and compromises I finally decided. Though, man~ I hope I won't have to use my brain that much ever again~
Producer: Your choice was a pet shop right? Why? Have you raised animals before?
Futami: No, I haven't~ In my family's house, if they destroyed the flower arrangements it would be really troublesome
Futami: But I actually like animals a lot. To tell you the truth, I've wanted to take care of sloth or the likes~
Working Pro NEET 2 (2)
Futami: But it's fine like this too! Playing around with animals will definitely be fun! All~right,I'll give it my best~!
Producer: (....will he be fine?)
Working Pro NEET 2 (3)
Futami: Woah, there! Don't bite my Nama-chan! And you too! Don't make my shoulder your headquarters!
Producer: A-Akabane-kun...They're completely playing around with you...
Working Pro NEET 2 (4)
Futami: Producer~....They're bullying me~! Save meee....!
Producer: This was just a job where you have fun with animals right? Fight on!
Futami: Uuuu....Producer you're so mean....It wasn't supposed to be like this~...
Producer: But from my point of view they seem to get along well with you. It looks like they're growing attached to you
Working Pro NEET 2 (5)
Futami: ....For real? You're not making fun of me, right?
Producer: It looks like they're asking you to play even more with them. Do you hate them?
Working Pro NEET 2 (6)
Futami: No....I don't hate them....I see, we're not playing enough huh. ...It can't be helped. Then let's walk around the park once more
Producer: Yes, do so. These two look like they want to play so much
Futami: Why are you acting like a stranger? Of course you're coming together with me, right? If you don't I might laze around y'know?
Producer: ....Roger
Working Pro NEET 2 (7)
Futami: Aaah, today was so tiring! Rather than taking a walk I ended up running around~
Producer: But it was fun, right?
Futami: Hehe, kind of
Futami: "Working goes against my policy!"
Futami: Is what I thought, but surprisingly enough it wasn't that bad
Producer: I'm really happy such feelings are starting to grow inside you. You're growing up. I feel very touched....
Futami: What's with that~ Well, it's fine~.....Anyways, I felt like those two pets today reminded me of someone~
Producer: Ah, I felt like that too! I had a familiar feeling too....But right now I can't come up with anything
Futami: It annoys me that I can't come up with it either~....Ah, I got a mail from Takamichi! "How was today?"
Producer: I got a mail from Todoroki-kun earlier too. He seemed worried about how you were doing. I have to reply fast or....Ah
Futami: Ah....................I understood who those pets reminded me of
Producer: Me too.....It was Todoroki-kun and Sanzenin-kun!
Working Pro NEET 2 (8)
Futami: I see. Well, they're a handful after all!
Producer: (I think you're the one that's more of a handful here....)

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