Working Pro NEET 3 (1)
Futami: Wow man~ I never thought that because of the TV Program's plans I would end up opening the event with those members
Producer: I was surprised too. But, it was really satisfying so I'm happy!
Futami: Ahaha, well, everyone was in high spirits~
Futami: Leaving that aside, isn't it the first time I get to appear in such event without the rest of the group?
Working Pro NEET 3 (2)
Futami: I'm actually rather nervous. Will I be able to manage the young kids well~
Producer: .....You actually don't think that at all
Futami: Eeeh, I actually do think it? I might not look like it but I'm shy, you know?
Producer: This is the first time I hear of it though? And in the first place, you only don't interact much with people because it's bothersome
Futami: Oooh, I got found out even there....
Producer: We haven't been together for so many years for nothing. And on the contrary, I'm the one worried here
Futami: Was there something to worry about?
Producer: What worries me is that you might go overboard together with the youngest ones like Satsuki-kun
Futami: No waaay~ I'm not that childish you know?
Producer: I wonder. You've always loved getting carried away ever since the past
Working Pro NEET 3 (3)
Futami: Ahaha, you found me out again
Producer: That reminds me, they were talking about a continuation
Futami: Do you mean a continuation of the previous part time job?
Producer: It seems your innocent smile while playing with the animals was so cute that all the fans got really excited over it
Producer: We started discussing about how a TV Program for it would be nice but that a photo shoot of you playing with animals would be really nice too
Futami: Oh wow I'm so popular. I guess I'll work again maybe~ But oh my~ What would Futami-san, the Pro NEET, say about this....
Producer: Aren't you the Pro NEET Futami-san
Working Pro NEET 3 (4)
Futami: You're as dense as ever dear Producer~ ....Well, ok. It was fun too.
Producer: Really? You won't disagree right before starting it again, right?
Futami: Even if I whined about it you would surely say that I have no right to disagree
Producer: But I was your companion the first time. To refuse right before starting something isn't adult-like at all
Working Pro NEET 3 (5)
Futami: ....I already said I was sorry for earlier~
Producer: Well, in the end you managed to get a good photo so this time I'll forgive you
Futami: Thank you very much, Ms.Producer! Now that you have forgiven me about it, I have another request to do. Is it ok?
Producer: Request?
Futami: It's not that big of a thing though......Next time, when I'll do the part-time job photoshoot again~...
Working Pro NEET 3 (6)
Futami: It would be boring all by myself, so will you be together with me too?
Futami: I think the photos would come out really nice if we acted like two lovers that work together in the same place, you know?

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