Producer: Because she looked like me...
Wounds of honour! 2 (1)
Issei: ...Why are you getting embarrassed?
Producer: Because that means...
Issei: Shut up! Don't do it!
Wounds of honour! 2 (2)
Issei: And in the first place, for me to think even for just a moment to protect a woman that can dispatch a fight by feigning to bring the police--I feel like an idiot!
Producer: "Idiot", you say...That's harsh!
Issei: *sigh* That woman didn't even thank me when I saved her, but instead ran away
Producer: I think that's what one would usually do when surrounded by such people....
Issei: Is that so? Would you do that too?
Producer: ...If it was me I would at least want to say thanks, maybe
Issei: Right? I really hate such women after all
Producer: Maybe she just didn't want to get involved? And it's not like you look like a good person for compliments
Issei: Hah, I'm anything but good anyways
Producer: But, I do think that you're a good person
Issei: ...Only you maybe. You're the type of woman that would get involved with me by her own will. In the past I thought you were a weak one, but now--
Wounds of honour! 2 (3)
Issei: Maybe it's because you've grown used to me but, compared to the past you've become quite strong. That's how it feels to me
Producer: Are you praising me...?
Issei: From my point of view it's a happy miscalculation
Wounds of honour! 2 (4)
Issei: I didn't know you became my type of woman so much
Producer: Wha-...P-please stop it with the jokes
Producer: But anyways, you injured even your face. Are you not conscious that you're an I-Chu?
Issei: Are you saying it now?
Producer: A-and what if?
Wounds of honour! 2 (5)
Issei: Good grief, you're a woman that destroys the atmosphere, as usual
Producer: (...I got surprised. You suddenly said such thing)
Producer: (My heart is still beating really fast....What's up with that "My type of woman")
Producer: (Todoroki-kun has become more adult-like compared to the past...maybe)

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