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Producer: (Here's the turn and then fake)
Producer: (....Yep, looks like he's fine. I turned pale when I heard that he hurt his leg during the fight of that day....but I'm really glad)
Producer: (But anyways...)
Producer: Really, when he's in stage he looks like a different person
Producer: (No matter how big the hall is, to Issei-kun it looks small)
Producer: (He's the type fitting to stay on an even bigger stage after all)
Producer: I have to work harder too...
Producer: Welcome, Issei-kun
Wounds of honour! 3 (1)
Issei: ....I'm back
Producer: (Somehow the atmosphere is different from usual...Does he perhaps, want to stay alone?)
Producer: I'm going to take something to drink
Issei: Wait
Producer: ....What is it?
Issei: Don't worry like that
Producer: But, don't you want to stay alone now?
Wounds of honour! 3 (2)
Issei: Staying with you is not that bad
Producer: I see...Then, I'll stay here. Were you okay with the injury?
Issei: No, it's pretty bad
Producer: ! Then let's hurry and have it checked at the hospital! I'm gonna take something cold to place on it
Issei: No, now it's fine so stay here
Producer: ....It's unusual for you to say such thing
Wounds of honour! 3 (3)
Issei: That's cause you're the companion
Producer: Does that mean you approved of me?
Issei: Who knows
Producer: What's up with that. Won't you just simply tell me
Issei: You still aren't grown up yet if you need me to say it to you to understand
Producer: Women want to hear nice words after all
Wounds of honour! 3 (4)
Issei: ....I'm not good with those. Understand it. You can do it right?
Wounds of honour! 3 (5)
Issei: ....I'm glad you're the one standing by my side
Producer: !....Yes!
Producer: (It's fine to think that we've gotten just a bit closer, right!)
Wounds of honour! 3 (6)
Issei: Stop smiling like that...Idiot

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