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Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 2 (1)
Chaoyang: Today I have a practise session with Rabi-san... I must work hard so I won't... make any mistakes!
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 2 (2)
Seiya: Ah! There you are! Heeey, Chaoyang!
Chaoyang: ? Seiya-san. What's the matter?
Seiya: Chaoyang, Chaoyang! There's amazing news, you know?
Chaoyang: Amazing? What is it?
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 2 (3)
Seiya: You'll get it if you come with me! Come on, let's go!
Chaoyang: Wah! Se, Seiya-san! Don't pull on my hand~
Seiya: I brought Chaoyang!
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 2 (4)
Tatsumi: Oh, Chaoyang's here.
Chaoyang: Tatsumi-san is here... And Producer-san is here too, why--
Xióngmāo Sage: Chaoyang, my boy! Short time no see~aru!
Chaoyang: Eh... You certainly are Xióngmāo, Sage-san? Why are you here...
Producer: That's amazing, Chaoyang-kun! I can't believe Xióngmāo-san personally came to bring a movie offer!
Chaoyang: Eh!? Then this news is...
Tatsumi: Well~ Actually, it seems like Director... Xióngmāo Sage is a quite famous movie director.
Tatsumi: It seems like Xièxiè Panda Film Productions was established not too long ago. That's why I didn't know the name.
Producer: Speaking of Xióngmāo-san, he made and directed blockbusters such as "Burn! Panda" and "Panda of thousand miles"!
Producer: That such a Director who merely just started up his company would offer his first main role to Chaoyang-kun is like a dream!
Xióngmāo Sage: Come on, Chaoyang, my boy! Make a movie together with me~aruyo!
Chaoyang: ~~ ~~!? That's impossible!
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 2 (5)
Seiya: Cha, Chaoyang?
Tatsumi: Chaoyang! Calm down!
Chaoyang: It's impossible...! Because it's impossible! It's absolutely impossible!
Producer: But isn't that amazing news?
Chaoyang: It's impossible! Me... me playing a main role is absolutely impossible~!!
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 2 (6)
Seiya: Ah! Chaoyang!!
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 2 (7)
Chaoyang: Haah... haah... What, what should I do...!? I panicked and ran away...!
Chaoyang: Bu, but... In any case, someone like me playing a main role is something absolutely... impossible...
Chaoyang: Uuh... The cowardly me should play a main role...
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 2 (8)
Rabi: Ah, Chaoyang, I've found you!
Chaoyang: Uh! Ra, Rabi-san!
Rabi: Good grief... Since you didn't arrive at the agreed time, I thought something happened and search--wait, what happened?
Chaoyang: Uuuh~~! Ra, Rabi-saan!
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 2 (9)
Rabi: What on earth happened...?
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 2 (10)
Rabi: Chaoyang, you got a main role in a movie!? Isn't that amazing! Congratulations, Chaoyang!
Chaoyang: That's not really amazing at all, I'm not happy...
Chaoyang: Me playing a main role is absolutely... impossible. I can play nothing but keyboard...
Rabi: Don't say that. That Director was fascinated by your talent, so he decided to make an offer to you, Chaoyang.
Rabi: Chaoyang, I expect a lot from you--
Chaoyang: Don't, don't say these things!
Rabi: Chaoyang?
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 2 (11)
Chaoyang: I hate when someone has expectations of me...!
Rabi: ... That was my fault, Chaoyang. I'm sorry I forced you into this way of talking...
Rabi: But I'm really happy that you got chosen for a main role, Chaoyang. These feelings are genuine.
Rabi: If you don't like it then you don't have to do it, Chaoyang.
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 2 (12)
Chaoyang: Rabi-san... I'm very sorry for my bad behavior.
Chaoyang: Actually, I understand it... Rabi-san's drama shooting, and Noah-san's model shooting...
Chaoyang: I heard Leon and Lucas are getting new work too. Everyone tackles things outside of the band and is growing on them.
Chaoyang: I think I must work hard too. But because I have no worth other than playing keyboard...
Chaoyang: I don't think that I can do anything else now... I'm very insecure...
Rabi: ... I see. When it comes to things outside of playing keyboard you don't have any confidence in yourself, Chaoyang.
Chaoyang: ... Yes.
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 2 (13)
Rabi: I know! If that's the case then we'll have to find something you can gain confidence in together, Chaoyang!
Chaoyang: Finding confidence?
Rabi: Yeah, that's right. It's no use if we're just here having worrying thoughts.
Rabi: And looking for it together with me would be better than looking for it alone, right? Or do you dislike that?
Chaoyang: I don't dislike it...! I'm... very happy if it's together with Rabi-san!
Rabi: Then it's decided! Let's go, Chaoyang!
Chaoyang: ...... Yes!

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