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Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 3 (1)
Satsuki & Mutsuki: Aiya!!
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 3 (2)
Chaoyang: ......
Chaoyang: Uhm... Rabi-san.
Rabi: Hm?
Chaoyang: If I didn't make a mistake, Satsuki-san and Mutsuki-san seem to be over there...
Rabi: Yep. That's Satsuki and Mutsuki.
Chaoyang: And besides that, they're letting out a strange voice when they're moving around...
Rabi: Yep. Because this here is a kung fu class.
Chaoyang: Uhm... I wonder why we are in a place like this?
Rabi: I've heard from my gym partner Tsubaki that this kung fu class seems to be hugely popular lately.
Rabi: That story also seemed to interest Satsuki and Mutsuki, so they said they would go to the lessons, but...
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 3 (3)
Satsuki & Mutsuki: Aiya!!
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 3 (4)
Rabi: I didn't think they would really attend...
Chaoyang: I understand why Satsuki-san and Mutsuki-san are here, but why am I here...?
Rabi: Because I heard you're playing the main role in a kung fu movie.
Rabi: You become stronger quickly while learning kung fu, I thought that would boost your confidence.
Chaoyang: ... Is it really that easy?
Chaoyang: First of all, exercising is not my strong point, not even speaking of something like kung fu...
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 3 (5)
Satsuki: Aa!! If that isn't Chaoyang and Rabi!
Mutsuki: Oh? So you did come to learn after all, Rabi?
Rabi: Yeah! I came to learn kung fu together with Chaoyang in order to boost his confidence!
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 3 (6)
Chaoyang: Ra, Rabi-san! I didn't say I would do it yet...!
Satsuki: Seriously!? Since Chaoyang is Chinese, kung fu would suit him perfectly!
Chaoyang: Eh!? No... I am Chinese, but doing kung fu is...
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 3 (7)
???: AIYA!!!!
Chaoyang: Hiih!?
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 3 (8)
Rabi: Oh wow! ... Who is that huge person with the loud voice over there?
Satsuki: That grandpa is the master of this place!
Mutsuki: Right, right. He's called Giant Xióngmāo Sage~
Rabi & Chaoyang: Giant Xióngmāo Sage???
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: Hey, hey! What are you guys idling around for!
Satsuki: We weren't idling! Master! From today on our friends will attend the lessons here too!
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: Hm... let's see, let's see!?
Mutsuki: Master? Why did you suddenly take a step back?
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: This, this is... What kind of person did you lead here!
Satsuki: You mean Rabi?
Rabi: Eh? Me?
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: No~aruyo! That boy hiding behind you!
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 3 (9)
Chaoyang: You mean... me?
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: Yes~aruyo! I can see a huge Panda god behind that boy~aru!
Chaoyang: That... I've heard that somewhere before...
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: What!? There is someone else besides me that can feel it~aru!?
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: Anyway, boy! You must be the outstanding talent of 3000 years in China~aru!
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: Such a chance will never come again~aru! Boy, let me take care of you thoroughly!
Chaoyang: Im, impossible!!
Rabi: Chaoyang. If you say it's impossible right from the beginning, then nothing will change, you know?
Rabi: I will try my best at kung fu with you together, Chaoyang. That's why at least try challenging it before giving up!
Rabi: If it's impossible, it's not too late to give up after you try it, you know?
Satsuki: That's right, Chaoyang! I will stay too!
Mutsuki: Because I'm your senpai in kung fu, it's fine to rely on me, okay?
Chaoyang: Everyone...
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 3 (10)
Chaoyang: I... will try my best!
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: I see! You are blessed with great friends~aru! This is also the panda god's favor!
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: Well then, students! Let's train without holding back~aruyo!
Everyone: AIYA!
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 3 (11)
Satsuki & Mutsuki: Kyuu~
Chaoyang: Haah... haah...
Rabi: Kkuh...!
Chaoyang: Ra, Rabi-san!?
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: Ooh... what a great person~aru! Even without the panda god's divine protection, you're withstanding my gruesome training and just get on one knee...!
Rabi: Even without a panda god, because Chaoyang is with me. I can't show my uncool side...
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 3 (12)
Chaoyang: Rabi-san...!
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: Very well... I will teach a secret technique to the boys who endured this gruesome training~aruyo.
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 3 (13)
Chaoyang: A secret technique!?
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: A person who has resolution. In other words, a person who is overflowing with confidence. And--
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: ... No, if you don't discover the last condition by yourself, there is no meaning. However, only a person with resolution will be able to understand the technique~aru.
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: Boy. Do you have the resolution to make that possible?
Chaoyang: My resolution...

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