Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 4 (1)
Chaoyang: ......
Rabi: Cheer up, Chaoyang. Next time it'll surely go well.
Satsuki: Right, right! We just got the the secret technique taught to us after all.
Mutsuki: Hey. I'm sure Chaoyang is able to do it next time~
Chaoyang: ... Thank you for your concerns.
Chaoyang: But that's enough... Since long ago people around me have told me "Chaoyang, you can do it".
Chaoyang: However, saying that only lets me feel pressure. And then I'll betray the expectations of those around me...
Rabi: Chaoyang...?
Chaoyang: I'm sorry, Rabi-san. You went through so much trouble to help me, but it didn't go well...
Chaoyang: And I'll thank Satsuki-san and Mutsuki-san too for introducing me to Master-san.
Chaoyang: ... Master-san taught me the secret technique, but despite that, I wasn't able to understand it...
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 4 (2)
Chaoyang: Surely I'm... just not suited for kung fu...
Chaoyang: I'll turn down playing the main role in the movie this time after all.
Rabi: Is this really fine?
Chaoyang: ...... Yes.
Chaoyang: Uhm... since I still have things to do after this, I'll say good bye here. Excuse me...
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 4 (3)
Rabi: Chaoyang... That he would lie about having things to do...
Satsuki: So he really lied.
Mutsuki: I'm sure he wants to be alone now...
Rabi: But this is worrying. Chaoyang, I hope you're not too hard on yourself...
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 4 (4)
Satsuki: Hey, hey, Mutsuki.
Mutsuki: Wha~t, Satsuki?
Satsuki: Say, *mumble mumble* ....
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 4 (5)
Mutsuki: Hehe... *mumble mumble*
Rabi: Just what are you talking about?
Satsuki: Fufufu! Rabi! Leave Chaoyang to us!
Rabi: Eh?
Mutsuki: If the invincible twins are helping, there is nothing to be afraid of~ ♪
Rabi: That, that sounds especially worrying...
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 4 (6)
*fidget fidget* ...
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 4 (7)
Chaoyang: Rabi-san? What are you doing?
Rabi: Eh!? No, no, nothing!
Rabi: Ah! It's time to go to school! Come on, we need to leave the house, don't we!
Chaoyang: ?
Chaoyang: (Why does he sound so monotone?)
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 4 (8)
*fidget fidget* ...
Chaoyang: Uhm... there is something strange about you today, Rabi-san.
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 4 (9)
Chaoyang: Are you hiding something from me?
Rabi: Eh!? No, I don't! I just thought "today it sure looks rainy~"!
Chaoyang: There isn't a single cloud in the sky.
Rabi: Uhm...
Rabi & Chaoyang: ............
Rabi: Uh, uhm, Chaoyang, actually--
*rustle rustle*
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 4 (10)
Chaoyang: Hiih!?
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 4 (11)
Chaoyang: Wha, what... it's just Satsuki-san and Mutsuki-san!
Chaoyang: Oh? Why are these two taking this route to the school?
Rabi: Nn! Wait, Chaoyang!
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 4 (12)
Chaoyang: Rabi-san?
Rabi: Somehow these two feel strange today...!
Satsuki: Kukuku...
Chaoyang: Satsuki-san?
Satsuki: Wrong! My name isn't Satsuki~aru!
Mutsuki: We are the invincible Xiǎoxióngmāo brothers! Our plan is to dispel a grudge that has been accumulated over the course of a thousand years~aruyo!
Chaoyang: What in the world are they talking about?
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: Li, my boy!
Chaoyang: Master-san? Why are you here...
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: I felt some kind of evil presence and came here~aruyo!
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: It seems like the Kururugi brothers became posessed by Xiǎoxióngmāo!
Chaoyang: Xiǎoxióngmāo... You mean they became posessed by red pandas?
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: Indeed! It seems that it is fate that this boy Li has the protection of the panda god~aru!
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 4 (13)
Satsuki: A long time ago, the panda god deprived our status as gods~aru!
Mutsuki: We got deprived of our position just because of a little mischief~aru!
Rabi: Didn't you get what you deserved then...
Satsuki & Mutsuki: Be quiet~aru!
Satsuki: I will never forgive you!
Mutsuki: Prepare yourselves!
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi 4 (14)
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: The Kururugi brothers simply became posessed by Xiǎoxióngmāo~aruyo! Li, my boy!
Chaoyang: Ye, yes!?
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: The only way to save them is with your secret technique!
Giant Xióngmāo Sage: Now is the time to use your secret technique~aruyo!
Chaoyang: Eh... eeeh!?

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