Yoshitsugu Kira
吉良吉次, Kira Yoshitsugu
Yoshitsugu Kira
The delinquent iKids!
"I'm Yoshitsugu Kira. I mean, my name doesn't really matter, right? More importantly, don't tell that Tsubaki my whereabouts! Damn, he's a meddlesome old man..."
Age 14
Birthday August 30th
Blood Type B
Height 169 cm
Weight 49 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Fighting
Fave Food Mentaiko
LeastFave Food Yomogi
Looks up to Tsubaki Rindo
Group bitter jump


Juvenile delinquent with a violent tone. His misbehavior escalated and he was sent to this school for rehabilitation. His parents are rich.


Yoshitsugu Kira N (Ifuurinzen, Samurai Tamashi) Yoshitsugu Kira N (Nihon Danji) Yoshitsugu Kira N

Character LinesEdit


I'm Yoshitsugu Kira. Don't come here just to ask my name, idiot!

I've been forced by my parents to come here so I'm in a bad mood!
Huh? Where and how do I look like an idol to you?!
Tsubaki... He has the same smell as me...
That brat Adam is too noisy!
Story I'm not gonna read you the story!
Main Story You should just choose freely!
Hurry up and choose!
Love Story Love story? Ha! What, you're trying to appeal to me?
It's fine to look at it if you want to see it, you know? However, I don't want to see it.
Shop Buying things? What are you going to give me?
Disk Purchase If there's something you want to buy then choose it quickly!
Friends I'm not interested in friends!
Other Rather than depending on me it's better if you come here, right?

Affection StoryEdit

Juvenile delinquent!?

Yoshitsugu Kira - Juvenile delinquent (1)
Yoshitsugu: Damn, they're only making me do these boring things. What do I have to practise my smiling face for.
Yoshitsugu: And that's all everyone single one of them is talking about, I'm surrounded by idiots. Really, it's irritating...
Yoshitsugu: Ah? What do you want? Do you have a problem with me? If you don't have a problem, then quit starring at me like that!
Yoshitsugu: Hah? My tone is cool? You, are you making fun of me?
Yoshitsugu: There's only gullible guys here at this school. It's quite disgusting...
Yoshitsugu: Anyway, how long are you going to stay here in front of me? Hurry up and get lost if you don't have any buisness with me.
Yoshitsugu: ... You don't look like you can tell who I am. I'm Yoshitsugu Kira.
Yoshitsugu: My behavior is really bad and my parents spent a ton of money to put me in this school, get it?
Yoshitsugu: I'm nothing more than a burden to them. Do you really think a guy like that would aim to become an idol?
Yoshitsugu: If you get that, you shouldn't care about me any longer and just leave. Teacher. Aren't these seniors over there looking for you?
Yoshitsugu: See ya. Seems like we won't meet again...

Fair exchange

Yoshitsugu Kira - Fair exchange (1)
Yoshitsugu: Today you are in charge of my work. And? What do you have in store for me?
Yoshitsugu: You only told me the time and place I should come to, you know?
Yoshitsugu: What? Being a dancer in Tsubaki's costume? Why me?
Yoshitsugu: Their moves were part of the lessons, so I had to learn them...
Yoshitsugu: Hey, don't drag me with you! Damn, what a pushy woman.
Yoshitsugu Kira - Fair exchange (2)
Yoshitsugu: I'm wearing it now. Are you satisfied?
Yoshitsugu: It suits me? Of course it does. Who do you think I am?
Yoshitsugu: Hehe, if you insist so much on it I will stay on the stage. But in exchange, you'll have to listen to one thing I say.
Yoshitsugu: That's what you call a fair exchange, right? You made me follow your orders, I make you follow mine as well.

I won't lose to the cherry trees

Yoshitsugu Kira - I won't lose to the cherry trees (1)
Yoshitsugu: Teacher, since I want to try out this flower viewing stuff too, I'm skipping the lessons from now on.
Yoshitsugu: Because I'm going to study the Japanese spirit, you know? Since tomorrow I'm having a photo shooting in Japanese clothes.
Yoshitsugu: Huh? You'll go together with me?
Yoshitsugu: So, have you even brought some liquor? ... Of course that means juice!
Yoshitsugu Kira - I won't lose to the cherry trees (2)
Yoshitsugu: The main of this photo shooting is Tsubaki, what is this!
Yoshitsugu: I thought I was going to be the main. Sigh, how boring.
Yoshitsugu: Aah? Yeah, I get it. I don't like it, but I'll do it because it's work.
Yoshitsugu: But then don't complain if I end up standing out more than Tsubaki instead.
Yoshitsugu: Because I'm not planning to lose to Tsubaki or even these blooming cherry trees.

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own Celebrating your birthday at this age would be like playing house!
Adam That Adam is hanging around to celebrate his birthday, how annoying!
Tsubaki That Tsubaki dragged me around for different things just because it was his birthday...
Producer Huh!? It’s your birthday? Birthdays are worthless!


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