Yukiji Saeki
佐伯幸路, Saeki Yukiji
Yukiji Saeki
The eccentric iKids!
"I am Yukiji Saeki. One day I will become Bloody Master's, it's nothing!"
Age 14
Birthday February 4th
Blood Type B
Height 167 cm
Weight 47 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Music appreciation
Fave Food Gyoza
LeastFave Food Kimchi
Looks up to Eva Armstrong
Group bitter jump


He has a gentle and intellectual personality that likes classic. Although he hides it from his surroundings, he loves punk music too.


Yukiji Saeki N (Shikkoku no Prelude) Yukiji Saeki N (Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou) Yukiji Saeki N (Magical Halloween) Yukiji Saeki N

Character LinesEdit

My name is Yukiji Saeki. Huh? I'm plain? That can't be!
Rather than "Classic" I prefer "Punk" but I'm not going to sa- It's nothing!
I'm the only one with glasses in the Junior High Section!
Bloody Master! Please make me your Servant!
Satoru-kun's way of talking is harsh isn't it? He even looks cute so it's a waste!
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It's my favorite story! I wonder if you will let me see too!
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Affection StoryEdit

Strange person

Yukiji Saeki - Strange person (1)
Yukiji: Ah... As expected, this school building is good. A wide range of music genres reaches my ears.
Yukiji: And amongst them is... The intense reverberating bass that makes my heart pound... The echo of the drums... I can't withstand it.
Yukiji: ... Oh? I didn't notice someone else was here. Do you belong to the school staff? Ah, I'm Yukiji Saeki.
Yukiji: As an iKids I am a member of this school. Therefore, this doesn't mean I'm just an ordinary person who got lost.
Yukiji: And now that this is clear, please spare me from chasing me out. I was merely here because I wanted to listen to the sound of various musical instruments.
Yukiji: ... Did you, by any chance, hear my monologue just now? I give up... In my surroundings I go by as a classic lover.
Yukiji: Of course I like classic too. The delicate sound of string instruments, I love the goosebumps they give me.
Yukiji: But listening to these intense beats makes my heart pound very much the same.
Yukiji: You've felt this more than once as well, right?
Yukiji: Because you're the Producer of all these individual I-Chu's.
Yukiji: No way you don't know about it. They're celebrities. One day I would like to receive your teachings too.

Together with Master

Yukiji Saeki - Together with Master (1)
Yukiji: Oh, you surprised me. Why are you... That was a stupid question.
Yukiji: Today I will appear together with RE:BERSERK's Bloody Master. It's no wonder you are here too.
Yukiji: Thank you very much for your nomination. I always thought I'd like to wear clothes like this.
Yukiji: You wan tto see how I wear them? Then I have no other choice, let's go to the dressing room.
Yukiji Saeki - Together with Master (2)
Yukiji: How is it? Personally, I think I'm wearing it very well in my own way.
Yukiji: It suits me? I'm relieved to hear that.
Yukiji: After all I'm having a photo shooting with Bloody Master.
Yukiji: It's a long-awaited opportunity. I will face it with all my power.
Yukiji: In order to get everyone in the world to know who I am.

Nominated for the second time

Yukiji Saeki - Nominated for the second time (1)
Yukiji: Heh, today there'll be a photo shooting here. It's an honor to be at the same location as Bloody Master.
Yukiji: You take pictures that you'll use for the Live here, right? Speaking of which, today I'll wear a netherwordly costume too...
Yukiji: That's why my heart pounds a little.
Yukiji Saeki - Nominated for the second time (2)
Yukiji: Aah... The day I'll be able to wear this costume has finally come, this feels like a dream...!
Yukiji: So now that I finally change into this costume, I wonder if I should go greet Bloody Master.
Yukiji: And then... I want to take a picture with him if he gives me permission, that would be...
Yukiji: Fufu, this is the first time my heart is pounding this much in my chest.
Yukiji: I thank you very much for suggesting me for this job a second time.
Yukiji: I will do a good job, so make sure to invite me next time as well.

Work as a servant contender

Yukiji Saeki - Work as a servant contender 1 (1)
Yukiji: Ah, Trick or Treat! Please give me sweets.
Yukiji: No, I don't mean they are for me to eat.
Yukiji: Baber-san looked really happy when he received sweets recently, so I thought of offering him sweets again.
Yukiji: Baber-san's happiness is Bloody Master's happiness! And as his servant candidate, that's a matter of course.
Yukiji: And when I someday become an official servant of his... Hah, please don't misunderstand, I don't have any ulterior motives with this.
Yukiji Saeki - Work as a servant contender (2)
Yukiji: I'm happy I get to wear such a special costume. I feel like I've become his servant.
Yukiji: The result of the sweets... That's probably not it. It's the proof of being bestowed with Bloody Master's acknowledgement.
Yukiji: And as such, I have to put in even more effort than usual.
Yukiji: I will show you a performance that won't put this costume to shame, so please keep a firm eye on me.

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Birthday QuotesEdit

Own Do you know what day it is today? It's my birthday~
Satoru Satoru-kun looked at me with such cold eyes... I was going to try to congratulate him.
Eva Since it's Bloody Master's birthday a sacrifice will be needed...
Producer Congrats!! Well~, of course your birthday is a matter of congratulation!