Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 1 - 1
Clerk: Welcome!
Akio: Hmm~…… I wonder if there are new products today too?
Akio: Since I’ve been shutting myself in my workshop for work really often lately, I run out of snacks before I notice it……
Akio: Ah……! This, this is the snack that the producer recommended to me before!
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 1 - 2
Akio: Producer……. The one and only woman that I can talk to without feeling frightened.
Akio: And she also always compliments me……

She’s really such a good person……

Akio: I can chat with her normally, even if its someone like me that is bad with women…… Ahaha.
Akio: I won’t buy the new products today, and go with producer’s recommended snack instead!
???: I would recommend the snack next to that.
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 1 - 3
Akio: !?
Akio: (It has to be the producer. I was surprised by her suddenly talking to me behind my back before, but this time……)
Akio: (Since it’s the second time, I won’t be that scared——)
Akio: I-If the producer recommends that, then I might buy this snack too~
???: That makes me happy! It makes me happy that Akio-kun would choose my favourite snack!
Akio: A-Ahaha……. Just being happy because I chose the snack you recommended, producer can be so…… s-strange.
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 1 - 4
Akio: Speaking of which, producer…… your voice seems so much lower than usual. Are you on the verge of catching a cold?
???: Y-Yes. That’s right! But if Akio-kun would nurse me I might get better faster~
Akio: W-What are you saying!? I can’t nurse producer back to health……
Akio: (Hmm?)
Akio: Did producer…… always call me by my name?
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 1 - 5
Satsuki: Oh? You figured it out?
Akio: *Shriek* !? It’s n-not producer but S-Satsuki!?
Satsuki: Hey hey, it took you forever to notice! Even I was reaching my limits of continuing to talk in a girl’s voice
Akio: ……W-What are you doing here?
Satsuki: What do you mean what, if I’m at the convenience store’s snacks corner I must have come to buy snacks of course?
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 1 - 6
Satsuki: I might buy Akio’s recommended snack from earlier~
Akio: I-I…… I’m going to refrain from buying Satsuki’s recommended snack……, I’ll choose the one that I looked at first.
Satsuki: Wait, hey hey! Don’t go on ahead without me~


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