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Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 2 - 1
Clerk: Thank you very much!
Akio: (I didn’t think that I would bump into Satsuki in a place like this……)
Akio: I need to leave before he pranks me again……!
Satsuki: Hey hey, who’s going to play a prank?

Did you want me to prank you~?

Akio: *Shriek* !! S-Satsuki!

You should have taken your time……

Satsuki: I hurried up so I could chase after you!

Here, I’ll give you one of this!

Akio: This is… the snack that I recommended to you earlier?
Satsuki: You need to try one to understand it you know?
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 2 - 2
Akio: (……Suspicious. Isn’t he trying to prank me with this……. But I don’t think he had the time during this short time frame to plan something big.)
Akio: (The package says that the flavour is strawberry milk.

It looks like a normal snack from its appearance…… Will it be okay?)

Satsuki: Why are you being so slow? Take one already!
Akio: Ah, okay…… T-Thank you. I’ll eat it now……
Akio: *Bite*. ………………!!!!!
Akio: S-Spicy!? What is this, it isn’t strawberry milk!!
Satsuki: Ehehe! The prank is a big success! This is actually extremely spicy habanero flavour!

I switched out the insides~♪

Akio: S-so mean! So spicy…… I-I’m going to buy some water!!
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 2 - 3
Satsuki: Have a safe trip~!
Akio: Ugh…… I went through a bad experience.
Satsuki: Wow~, you’re worth pranking as usual~
Akio: I was a huge idiot to have trusted Satsuki……
Satsuki: Wow~, I had some free time after school ended, so I was so lucky to have found Akio like this!
Akio: Don’t make me your way of killing time…… See you then.
Satsuki: Hmm? Isn’t that the opposite direction of your house?

That’s towards the direction of the school.

Akio: Ah. No! I-I still have things that I wanted to do so……
Satsuki: Something to do? Did we have homework or something?
Akio: Shriek* !? I-It’s nothing so don’t pay attention to it!

S-See you!

Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 2 - 4
Satsuki: ……That sounds really suspicious.

…………Ehehe! Let’s follow him secretly!

Satsuki: Akio went into his workshop.

Is he making some kind of new glass handiwork?

Satsuki: But still, his behaviour earlier was strange, it was like he was sneaking around…….

There’s no mistake that he’s hiding something!

Satsuki: (If I know whatever he’s hiding, it might be good information for my pranks, since I can poke fun of him with it!)
Akio: Sigh……. That was dangerous, very dangerous…….

Satsuki almost found out about it.

Akio: I don’t want anyone other than producer to find out that I’ve been doing something like this……
Akio: If doing something this reckless would make them happy or not, I don’t know.

They would definitely make fun of me if I did something like that……

Akio: Now…… Let’s start making them.
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 2 - 5
Satsuki: (Start making them he says…… What? Something on top of the desk is sparkling…… What is that?)


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