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Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 4 - 1
Akio: ……Sigh. Let’s leave it here for today.
Akio: (Ever since Satsuki complimented me yesterday, the glass beads seem to sparkle even brighter than usual……)
Akio: (Just by having people close to me supporting me, even the glass beads sparkle.

I wonder if it Iooks like I sparkle with the support of the fans?)

Akio: I wonder how many I can make tomorrow—— Hm?
Shiki: Ah! Akio’s finally out!
Kyosuke: Akki, good work!
Hikaru: You worked hard! You can now relax since I am here!
Akio: E-Everyone!? What are you doing here?
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 4 - 2
Torahiko: What do you mean why, Akio’s the one who called us all here~!
Raku: Satsuki told us that Akio wanted to discuss something with us right?
Akio: ! S-Satsuki did?
Akio: (Ah…… Even after I told him to keep it a secret!

Satsuki you idiot……)

Akio: I-It’s just probably Satsuki’s pranks…… He just wanted to put me on the spot.
Akio: So, it’s really nothing——
Shiki: Akio, don’t lie.
Akio: S-Shiki-kun?
Shiki: It’s already really obvious that Akio was trying to hide something from us, you know?
Akio: Y-You’re kidding!
Shiki: I’m serious. If Akio wants to do something, we’ll watch over you alright? So——
Shiki: Instead of holding these worries by yourself, it won’t be as painful if you share these worries with everyone. That’s why you can talk to us, your friends.
Shiki: If you don’t…… Our members are going to behave recklessly you know?
Akio: Act recklessly?
Torahiko: I was thinking of taking Akio alone with a trip to cheer you up since you seemed really down, but……
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 4 - 3
Raku: Of course we would stop you there……. Akio can’t live after losing his place to confine himself in.
Akio: T-Thank you……
Hikaru: I wanted to invite Akio to a theatre appreciation trip to cheer him up, but I was stopped by Raku……
Raku: If you took Akio to Takaozuka, Akio would probably faint thanks to his fear of women……
Akio: Thank you so much……!
Raku: Kyosuke was so worried that he ended up passing his manga’s deadline by two days.
Kyosuke: Rakkun! T-That’s supposed to be a secret~!!
Shiki: Look at this. Everyone’s become strange since we were all worried about Akio right?
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 4 - 4
Raku: Well, the strangest one was Shiki…… Last time we went drinking, he started crying in his drunken frenzy.
Shiki: You lie!? The next day, Raku-kun said nothing happened when I asked!?
Raku: Dear me…… I can’t remember at all~
Shiki: Wait, you remembered when we went drinking, so you can’t have forgotten that part too~!
Akio: A-Ahaha…… Ahaha……
Shiki: Ah…… You finally smiled, Akio.
Akio: Shiki-kun…… Everyone……. Thank you for worrying about me……
Akio: It’s a long story, but I want you all to listen…….

The truth is——

Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 4 - 5
Hikaru: What… What a beautiful heart you have!!!
Raku: Hikaru…… Calm down.
Hikaru: Raku! I can’t just calm down!

Akio is performing such beautiful deeds for his fans!

Hikaru: I’m so touched, I can’t even see in front of me because of these tears!
Shiki: Hikaru-kun is exaggerating too much, but it’s certain that it’s something that I wouldn’t have thought that Akio would be capable of doing until now.
Kyosuke: I need to learn from Akki’s example on the spirit of treasuring our fans!
Akio: Y-You don’t need to go that far……. Anyways, it’s not like I know if I will make it through to the end……
Torahiko: Akio. You can’t fulfill a goal if you don’t declare it clearly with your words!
Torahiko: I will became an unrestricted idol!!
Torahiko: Ehehe! It’s like declaration whenever I yell out my goal in words like this to say that I will definitely make it come true!
Torahiko: That’s why, you should declare it in front of our fans in our upcoming live! Leave the timing to me!
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 4 - 6
Akio: N-No way……. There’s no way I can make a declaration like that during our live in front of so may fans……
Shiki: No, it can be done if it’s Akio. Like I said so before, I wouldn’t have thought that the old Akio wouldn’t be capable of doing things like this.
Shiki: But what’s important was that you didn’t give up, and continued making the glass beads until now.

You should trust in yourself, Akio.

Shiki: We think that Akio would be able to definitely carry it through.
Akio: Shiki-kun……
Shiki: ……You can do it right?
Akio: ……Yes! I’ll make that declaration right in front of the fans.
Torahiko: Ehehe! That’s what makes you a member of ArS!

Be free in using the words that you want to use to convey it everyone!

Torahiko: If those words are Akio’s honest words, all of the fans will definitely understand!
Akio: Yes. Everyone…… T-Thank you……
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 4 - 7
Akio: (I’m so glad that I consulted everyone….. But I wonder why did Satsuki talk to the members about me?)


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