Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 5 - 1
Female fans: Encore! Encore!
Torahiko: Listen, Akio! The fans are still calling out to us!
Akio: Y-Yeah! I still can’t give enough thanks to them!
Shiki: Right. Well then, we have to go tell them more of our thankful feelings.
Torahiko: Okay then, ArS! Let’s all move around freely one more time to show our thanks!
All: Yeah!
Fushikawa Kunio: A-Akio-san——
Fushikawa Kunio: Ouch ouch ouch…… Sorry. You forgot your microphone so I wanted to give it to you but I was caught by the cords.
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 5 - 2
Akio: T-Thank you!
Fushikawa Kunio: You’re welcome…… About today’s Akio-san.

You look like you are shining really brightly.

Fushikawa Kunio: I want to shine that brightly too. But I can’t shine brightly with my bad luck……
Akio: I-If that’s how you see me right now…… I’m happy to hear that about myself.

Let’s work hard, for…… For the remaining encore too.

Fushikawa Kunio: Yes!
Raku: Oh…… You are being a pretty good senpai, Akio.
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 5 - 3
Akio: D-Don’t tease me, Raku.
Hikaru: That’s right, Raku! If you are going to tease someone, tease me!
Raku: I have no idea what you are saying……
Kyosuke: Um~, Tora-chan’s already rushed out ahead of us you know?
Shiki: Shoot! Let’s go out too before he does something weird!

Akin, we’re going!

Akio: O-Okay!
Akio: It’s ended……
Akio: Now that the live has ended, it’s kind of lonely being here alone……
Akio: ……………………
???: Boo!!!
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 5 - 4
Akio: *Shriek*!!! W-Who’s that!?
Satsuki: It’s Satsuki-kun! How was that, are you surprised?
Akio: S-Satsuki! Why?
Satsuki: I thought that the gloomy Akio would probably be hesitant again so I came to play a prank to take away that nervousness.
Satsuki: Be grateful to me!
Akio: I don’t feel grateful being pranked….. Ah, that’s right!
Akio: Why did you talk to the members, when I told you it was a secret that I was making glass beads?
Satsuki: Hm? Because I thought it would be better to do that.
Satsuki: When you start thinking about gloomy things, your mind continues going around in circles like a hamster’s wheel right?
Satsuki: When that happens, Mutsuki said that the best way to make it easier on yourself is to let it all out on people who are easy to talk to!
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 5 - 6
Satsuki: Mutsuki’s body used to be really weak, so when a time came that he couldn’t be honest about what he wanted to say, he told me that it made it easier on him when he talked to me about it!
Akio: I see……. Ahaha, Satsuki and Mutsuki get along really well.
Satsuki: Of course! He’s the person that understands me the most!

Akio felt better after talking to the other members too right?

Akio: Y-Yeah…… It made me feel better….. I wanted to tell you something, Satsuki.
Akio: T-Thank you for worrying about me!
Satsuki: ! I-It’s nothing…… It’s all for my sake anyways. I know now that I should learn how to consider my fans more from you……
Satsuki: ……The message that you gave to your fans today was pretty good. Good work!
Akio: (I see. It isn’t only the fans that are supporting me.

My friends surrounding me are supporting me too……)

Akio: (Satsuki and ArS’ members are supporting the things I needed to do……)
Producer: Ah! You two were here. Tobikura-kun needs to change quickly since the cast party is starting soon!
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 5 - 7
Satsuki: That’s what she says. Let’s go, Akio.
Akio: W-Wait a minute!
Akio: Satsuki, Producer…… Thank you for today. Will you accept this from me as a gift of my gratitude?
Producer: This is a glass bead…… I can have this?
Akio: Yes! I’m very grateful to the both of you, so please do accept this.
Satsuki: Well, if you say that much I guess I’ll keep this!
Producer: …… So pretty. It’s as if it's sparkling as bright as today’s Tobikura-kun.
Akio: ……No. I’ll have to work much harder…… for me to shine as bright as this glass bead……
Akio: Ahaha…… But I think I’ll work hard in my own way, little by little, to get closer to the brilliance of this glass bead.
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass Chapter 5 - 8
Akio: That’s why I want you to support me from now on.

I’ll make it so that I can answer to that support you give me.

Akio: That’s why I want you to stay by my side from now on…… Just kidding…….



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